The Buildings Catalog is a shared resource for the building industry. The database, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is a unique central repository of in-depth information and data on high-performance, green building projects across the United States and abroad. Projects in the database can be featured on multiple websites. This collaboration increases the reach of the information and saves building designers and owners from having to provide the same information to multiple sources.

The database includes information on the energy use, environmental performance, design process, finances, and other aspects of each project. Members of the design and construction teams are listed, as are sources for additional information. In total, up to 12 screens of detailed information are provided for each project profile. Projects range in size from small single-family homes or tenant fit-outs within buildings to large commercial and institutional buildings and even entire campuses.

A series of web-based data-entry templates allows anyone to enter information about a building project into the database. Once a project has been submitted, each of the partner organizations can review the entry and choose whether or not to publish that particular project on its own website.

The database was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, and partners can use the information related to these case studies.