Eco-Efficient Materials for Mitigating Building Cooling Needs

This book provides an updated, state-of-the-art review on the eco-efficiency of materials to mitigate UHI effects and building cooling needs.   Note that this is a preview of a book.

Energy Saving Potentials of Phase Change Materials Applied to Lightweight Building Envelopes

The application of PCMs in buildings has significant potential to reduce energy consumption. However, because each PCM has its own phase change temperature, which is the temperature at which latent heat is absorbed or released, it is important to use an appropriate PCM for the purpose of building envelope design.

Phase Change Materials

"Phase change materials (PCM), or latent heat storage materials, are generally materials with large specific latent heat capacity. Phase change materials used in buildings will typically melt and solidify within a range of 18-30ºC and are normally contained in the building fabric."