Target Energy Upgrade Dataset: modeled baseline: Year 2011

Dataset Summary

Name modeled baseline
Year 2011

Net Energy Import/Export

Net Fuel Use - ProductionAmountUnitsCostkWhMMBtuMJkBtu/ft²MJ/M²$/ft²$/m²
Natural Gas4843.932MMBtu1,419,6424,843.9325,110,71128.000317.987

Onsite Total Renewable Energy Generation


Purchased Offsets

Building Energy Consumption by Category

Lighting Energy5,189.853MMBtu
Heating Energy4,843.863MMBtu
Cooling Energy3,632.897MMBtu
Fans Energy0.000kWh
Pumps Energy0.000kWh
Plug Loads and Equipment Energy2,767.922MMBtu
Vertical Transport Energy0.000kWh
Domestic Hot Water Energy0.000kWh
Other End Use Energy (Building)0.000kWh
People-mover Energy Use0.000kWh
Refrigeration Energy Use4,670.868MMBtu
Cooking Energy Use0.000kWh
Dishwasher Energy Use0.000kWh
Data Center Energy Use0.000kWh
Industrial Process Energy Use0.000kWh
Total Use 0.000 kWh
Total Cost $ 0.00

Building Energy Installed Capacity

Cooling Load0.000 tonNaN ft²/ton0.000 W/m²
Connected Lighting0.000 kW0.000 W/ft²0.000 W/m²
Heating Load0.000 kBtu/hr0.000 Btu/hr/ft²0.000 W/m²

Peak Power

Electricity (Summer)0.000 kW0.000 W/ft²0.000 W/m²
Natural Gas0.000 kBtu/hr0.000 Btu/hr/ft²0.000 W/m²
Electricity (Winter)0.000 kW0.000 W/ft²0.000 W/m²

Data Sources and Reliability

If based on simulation, list software and version

EnergyPlus, based on ASHRAE 90.1-2004