Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies--Oberlin College

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The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies is located on the Oberlin College campus in Oberlin, Ohio. It houses classroom and office space, an auditorium, a small environmental studies library and resource center, a wastewater-purification system in a greenhouse, and an open atrium.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) collaborated with the Oberlin staff to continuously improve the as-built building.

Environmental Aspects

Upon initiation of the project, Professor David Orr asked three questions that continue to serve as a guiding philosophy for the Lewis Center:

  • Is it possible—even in Ohio—to power buildings by current sunlight?
  • Is it possible to create buildings that purify their own wastewater?
  • Is it possible to build without compromising human or environmental health somewhere else or at some later time?

The hope remains that the building not only serve as a space in which to hold classes, but also, according to Orr, "help to redefine the relationship between humankind and the environment."

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