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Located in Seattle, Washington's burgeoning South Lake Union neighborhood, Alley24 is one of the nation's first LEED-certified mixed-use projects, offering a new model for sustainable, urban development. The urban infill project is sited on a full city-block within a 60-acre urban redevelopment effort, one of the largest in the US and anchored by three historic brick laundry buildings. The two-acre development integrates 180,000 SF of office space (six floors), 28,000 SF of retail shops and 172 residential apartments within the context of a highly sustainable, pedestrian-oriented development.
[Source: BetterBricks Case Study]

Environmental Aspects

Some of the key design characteristics that contribute to the low energy use of Alley24 are listed below. A very detailed case study of this building is available on the BetterBricks website.

    • Exterior sun shades
    • Daylighting in approximately 80% of building
    • Occupancy sensors and daylight dimming controls
    • Building EMS system turns lights off after-hours
    • Efficient electric lighting with LPD of 0.73 W/sf
    • Hybrid / mixed-mode HVAC system
    • Operable windows
    • Underfloor air distribution
    • Occupants instructed when to open/close windows through automated systems
    • Lease agreement has tenants paying their utility bills

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