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Alpine Library is the first Zero Net Energy building at the County of San Diego designed for energy and cost savings as well as to comply with anticipated state regulations. To achieve ZNE, the building includes a variety of technologies for energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy. The building has a VRF HVAC system, solar thermal water heater and high performance glazing. The lighting efficiency, at .7 watts per square foot, is below code standards. Alpine Library also includes a variety of lighting controls including occupancy sensors, daylight photo cells, and vacancy receptors in staff rooms. Alpine Library is connected to a Building Automation System to control function and performance as well as measure and verify energy use and PV production. The building is submetered to monitor the specific performance of HVAC, lighting, and plug load end uses as well as domestic and irrigation water use. Owned by the County of San Diego, the PV system is 72 kW, DC Size with (240) 300 Watt LG ACPV Micro-Inverter Modules and is mounted on the roof.

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