Amenities Building, Towers at Great America


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Santa Clara, California

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PGIM Real Estate

Occupant Type

Corporation, for-profit

In 2001, PGIM Real Estate acquired a premier Class A office property in Santa Clara, CA, currently known as the Towers at Great America (TAGA). The property comprised two six-story office buildings approximately 630,000 ft² of rentable space, two five-level stand-alone parking structures with nearly 2,000 parking spaces combined, and a 20,000 ft² amenities building.

The building serves as a meeting area, café, and fitness center for tenants of two office towers located adjacent to the site. The unique facility includes indoor and outdoor dining areas connected via operable glazing and an exterior canopy structure, a large-format media wall, an outdoor fire pit lounge and outdoor meeting spaces.

TAGA is located in a prime area, close to hotels, restaurants, and the Santa Clara convention center, and directly adjacent to the California’s Great America theme park, and Levi’s Stadium, home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. This area is a highly competitive commercial real estate market and to enhance the demand for this property, PGIM Real Estate and property management firm Harvest Properties launched an effort to transform the amenities building into the crown jewel of the property.

The on-site amenities building, complete with a board room, training room, fitness center and café, is a uniquely attractive feature for tenants, whose employees can enjoy these services without leaving the property. PGIM Real Estate saw an opportunity to leverage this asset and enhance the marketability of the property with significant upgrades to the amenities facility, turning it from a space offering convenience for tenants’ employees to one that could serve as a prime property feature to attract new tenants to the property.

PGIM Real Estate and Harvest initiated a major remodeling effort, which included the addition of about 4,000 ft² of interior space, the expansion of indoor and outdoor seating options, a new outdoor firepit lounge, and giant outdoor media wall that can serve as the focal point for outdoor community meetings, corporate presentations, or entertainment. The existing east wall of the dining building was replaced with a mechanical sliding glass wall system to open the dining room up to the hardscape outdoor dining area and meeting space, which were fitted with an aesthetic shading structure.

PGIM Real Estate has transformed the Towers at Great America amenities facility into a cutting-edge and sustainable multi-use center on the TAGA campus. PGIM Real Estate and Harvest Properties will benefit from an attractive new feature at their Class A office property in Santa Clara, while also supporting PGIM Inc.’s overall sustainability efforts and contributing an innovative new addition to the network of ZNE buildings across the United States.

Project Team:

  • Owner: PGIM Real Estate
  • PV Designer, Installer, Operator: BayWa r.e.
  • Architect: AP+I Design, Inc.
  • Engineer: Harvest Properties, Inc.
  • Solar Advisor: Alta Energy, Inc.
  • Incentives: Silicon Valley Power

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Santa Clara, California

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Owner Type

Corporation, for-profit

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Total Gross Floor Area 23,930 ft²


Percent New 21%


Project Team



How the Project was Financed

Funding sources include: Building Owner, Third Party Owner (PV System), Utility Performance Incentive (5 years, for PV System Production).

The PV System is financed via a Power Purchase Agreement and the Building Owner purchases electricity and associated environmental attributes (RECs)

Total Project Cost



General Energy


Energy Use

Upgrades to the amenity building’s energy systems enhance both the functionality and energy performance of the amenities building. The HVAC system is scheduled for replacement in Q12018 with a high-efficiency rooftop unit with multizone control capabilities to accommodate the wide range of activities in the building, e.g., keeping the fitness center open and comfortable until 10 PM, long after the cafeteria closes for the day. A networked lighting management system was installed to monitor ambient lighting conditions and occupancy throughout and tailor lighting usage to changing conditions. Most lighting fixtures were replaced with high-efficiency LED lighting.

PGIM Real Estate installed 1,388 kW of solar generating capacity on canopy structures covering the upper levels of both parking structures, enabling them to drive the facility to Zero Net Energy. These solar arrays will produce approximately 2.4 GWh of electricity each year, exceeding the energy consumed by the amenities building by about 200%. Excess electricity produced will go toward offsetting consumption of the two office towers. As an added benefit, the solar canopies will provide shade for parking on the upper deck of the parking structures. PGIM has also changed out all of the lighting fixtures in the parking structures to high-efficiency LED lighting, and is in the process of installing 24 electric vehicle charging stations on the upper decks of the parking structures. The project teams worked closely with Silicon Valley Power (SVP) on the various projects to take advantage of incentive programs available for renewable energy systems and high-efficiency lighting.

Energy Datasets

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