Arlen Specter Headquarters and Operations Center, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a worldwide leader in the promotion of public health. Located within CDC's Roybal Campus in metropolitan Atlanta, the Arlen Specter Headquarters and Operations Center, also know as Building 21, provides flexible, efficient, and healthy space for administration and operations. Space standards and workplace strategies promote open communication within and between work groups.

Environmental Aspects

CDC encourages employees to access the campus via alternative transportation. The project includes bicycle racks as well as showers and changing rooms. The MARTA transportation system serves the campus, and CDC provides transportation subsidies to its employees. CDC also provides alternative fuel stations and reserves preferred parking for carpool vehicles.

The project's large, restored greenspace serves as the commons for the entire CDC campus. Permeable paving and green roof systems are used throughout the developed area. Water for the drip-irrigation system is sourced from the stormwater detention pond. Low-flow plumbing fixtures reduce the building's potable water use by 36%.

The building was designed to use 20% less energy than a comparable conventional building. More than half of the interior spaces are daylit, and photosensors and occupancy sensors turn off electric lighting when it is unnecessary. The building features heat-recovery ventilation as well as carbon dioxide monitoring and variable-volume air delivery. A building automation system allows staff to monitor and adjust the mechanical, lighting, and other systems to optimize efficiency and comfort.

The project team selected materials to protect occupant health, minimize transportation needs, and limit future maintenance and replacement costs. For finish materials, the team paid special attention to ensuring low chemical emissions.

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