Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Building 1044

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The Bremerton Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) Building 1044, was constructed as part of a navy base housing complex that will eventually contain seven BEQ buildings divided into several projects extending through 2015. The building provides 132 living units along with common areas and support spaces. The living units are occupied only when the sailors are on-shore.

Environmental Aspects

Green features in the design and construction of Building 1044 were guided by the LEED(r) Rating System. Site restoration, porous pavement, and removal of hardscapes reduce stormwater flows by 25% compared to predevelopment conditions. Asphalt from the structures formerly on the site was recycled during demolition into aggregate for future paving on the site. Wood, asphalt, gypsum, steel, cardboard, and other construction debris recycling resulted in a greater than 90% diversion of construction waste from the landfill. Integrated energy efficiency strategies reduce the base building energy use by approximately 35% compared to the ASHRAE 90.1-1999 standard. Dual-sensor direct digital controls (DDC) further contribute to energy savings by allowing power to each apartment unit to be turned off when the unit is unoccupied. The architects accounted for the future use of the building in their plans. Apartment units are designed to house four occupants with the ability to convert to two-occupant housing. Highly durable building materials with minimum maintenance requirements act as finishes throughout the building. A green housekeeping plan for maintenance staff and occupants lowers the building's maintenance impact.

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