Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems Net Zero Manufacturing Facility

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Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems (BAGS) retrofitted a 1960s concrete warehouse building to house their Net Zero Manufacturing Facility, the only one of its kind in the region. The Sacramento building houses state-of-the-art glazing manufacturing equipment and also sports a bevy of green features from top to bottom. BAGS put in triple insulation everywhere, replaced the old HVAC equipment with brand new, high-efficiency electric heat pump systems, and installed new lighting systems equipped with sophisticated sensors that adjust lighting as needed.

Forty skylights were installed along with rooftop solar cells and 14 operable windows that reduce the demand on the building’s lighting and ventilation systems. A rainwater capture system was also installed on the rooftop to reuse rainwater for irrigation, and window testing. All in all, the building uses roughly 60-percent less energy than similar operations, and generates the other 40 percent with clean solar power.

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