Challengers Tennis Club for Boys and Girls

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The Challengers Tennis Club for Boys and Girls, located in an urban low-rise residential setting, is the latest addition to the Challengers Sports Center in South Central Los Angeles. The facility brings neighborhood students together to socialize, to train, and to develop into champions.

Environmental Aspects

The new facility incorporates a multitude of green design strategies. The community enjoys a green building that provides as much, if not more, functionality and comfort as a traditional design, while appreciating the preservation of resources for future generations.

A number of strategies work together to keep energy use low. The building has no mechanical cooling, but is kept comfortable through natural ventilation, unhindered air circulation, ceiling fans, internal thermal mass, superior insulation and glazing, and appropriate shading. Ample daylighting minimizes the use of artificial lighting, and all lighting fixtures use fluorescent lamps with either photocell or motion-sensor controls. Kitchen appliances and office equipment are Energy Star rated. The energy-efficiency measures result in the use of almost 60% less energy than a comparable building designed according to the California Title 24 requirements. The PV array provides 100% of the facility's annual electricity consumption.

About 75% of the building materials, by weight, were manufactured locally. Materials were selected for their life expectancy and for the resulting low maintenance of the facility. All wood materials contain no added formaldehyde, and all paints, varnishes, adhesives, and sealants contain low levels of VOCs.

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