Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility

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The Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility (CRMF) was constructed for the maintenance and servicing of new RTD commuter-rail-class vehicles as well as the control and operation of the new RTD Commuter Rail System. The building consists of office and maintenance spaces.

Environmental Aspects

The project is trying to achieve a LEED Silver rating. A few green features of the project are previously developed site reuse, covered bicycle storage, a potential train stop for workers, extensive daylighting, a mechanical and electrical design optimized with full-building energy modeling, and regionally-sourced materials with recycled content. In addition, the site utilizes low water native plantings with high efficient watering system that reduces site water consumption by 80% compared to standard systems; and, the hardscape areas take advantage of high SRI materials to reduce heat island effect. Parking has been reduced to 150 spaces from the previous site usage of 250+ spaces. And, of the new spaces, 5% are designated low-emitting or fuel-efficient vehicles.

Project Team