Denver Dry Building

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The Denver Dry building spans two full city blocks and includes six floors plus a basement. Originally built in 1888, the building was downtown Denver's main department store for generations; it closed in 1987. After several failed attempts at redevelopment by the private sector, Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) purchased the building and partnered with Jonathan Rose and the Affordable Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) to create a mixed-use development project that is enhancing the sense of community in the city.

Environmental Aspects

The most obvious environmental aspect of Denver Dry is its reuse of a preexisting structure. Though this tactic posed unique challenges, it also saved a considerable amount of resources. Since the building is located in downtown Denver, urban revitalization and support of public transportation are additional positive effects of the redevelopment. Finally, material and energy choices were made with efficiency and other environmental factors in mind.

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