Elevate Energy (previously Center for Neighborhood Technology)

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The renovation of the Elevate Energy (previously the Center for Neighborhood Technology) building reflects the mission of the organization-to promote more livable and sustainable urban communities. The project demonstrates the resource efficiency of renovating existing buildings in an urban environment. Elevate Energy has created an attractive and comfortable, energy-efficient workplace using sustainable materials at a cost comparable to a conventional renovation. Attention to energy efficiency continues to save money on operating costs and improve the organization's long-term financial security. CNT's building is Chicago's second LEED Platinum project and the thirteenth in the country.

Environmental Aspects

A well-insulated building envelope ensures energy efficiency, aided by high-efficiency mechanical equipment including a chiller that uses stored ice to cool the building. All appliances are Energy Star rated. About 5% of electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels. Operable, energy-efficient windows provide daylight, views, and fresh air.

The building is located near several public transit options, has onsite bike racks and shower facilities, and has designated parking for carpool and rideshare vehicles. A native plant garden requires no irrigation and absorbs stormwater runoff from our roof.

The renovation reused 100% of the existing building's structural material and 90% of its shell components. Over 70% of the building's materials are recycled.

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