Georgina Blach Intermediate School

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The Blach School, part of the Los Altos School District, serves 450 students in seventh and eighth grades. In 1999, the District began a renovation project to demolish 10,000 square feet of the original school and expand the remaining 34,000 square foot facility to 71,500 square feet, as well as modernize nine of the existing buildings. The expansion involved construction of three new classroom buildings, a performing arts building, and a gymnasium. The modernization project included the library, multi-purpose building, administration building, and four classroom buildings.

This project is one of the first schools in California to be designed and built to criteria developed by the non-profit Collaborative for High Performance Schools, Inc. (CHPS). CHPS is a group of utility, government, and other organizations that provide high-performance design information, services, training, and incentives directly to California school districts and designers.

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