Inland Empire Utilities Agency Headquarters Buildings

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The Inland Empire Utilities Agency's administration headquarters was conceived to be an example of how to build a better environment and restore the historic landscapes of the Chino Basin.

The building site anchors the new 22-acre Chino Creek Park, which will restore the natural drainage and ecological function of the site while providing public recreation and habitat for endangered and sensitive species.

Environmental Aspects

IEUA's facility was designed and constructed to meet the highest energy-efficiency and environmental-design standards. It achieved a LEED(r) Platinum rating in 2004.
The two-building project is heated and air-conditioned by heat recovered from power generators at the neighboring regional water-recycling plant, and roof-mounted photovoltaic panels were designed to produce more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. Daylight from skylights and windows reduces electricity consumption significantly below Title 24 requirements while creating a more pleasant working environment.

Reclaimed water from the treatment plant, buildings, and stormwater collection is used both indoors and outdoors. Efficient plumbing fixtures and the use of recycled water for toilets, urinals, and irrigation reduce potable water consumption by 73% compared to conventional design.
The use of low-emitting materials resulted in a healthier working environment. Materials were also selected based on their recycled content, recyclability, and location relative to the building site.

The headquarters complex is part of a demonstration site for the capture, settling, and treatment of stormwater. Reclamation features include drive isles, parking lots, and walking paths made of various materials designed to capture stormwater or allow it to infiltrate the ground.

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