Management Building at Technology Square, Georgia Institute of Technology

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The Management Building at the Georgia Institute of Technology is the largest building in Technology Square, Georgia Tech's mixed-use development that extends the traditional campus into the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The 248,000-square-foot, $40-million Management Building houses a 350-seat auditorium, classrooms, offices, the campus bookstore, and street-level retail space. The Management Building successfully serves the faculty, staff, and students of Georgia Tech, while also serving as a neighborhood amenity and community gathering place.

Environmental Aspects

The Management Building incorporates numerous sustainable features, among them: low-emitting interior finishes, water-saving features, recycled materials, and a white heat-reflecting roof that reduces the urban heat-island effect and saves energy. The Management Building is also a green-building demonstration project and only the second building in Georgia to earn LEED certification.

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