Oak Ridge National Laboratory East Campus Private Development Project

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The Oak Ridge National Laboratory East Campus Modernization consists of four buildings that are considered one building for code purposes. They house offices, conference rooms, laboratories, supercomputer rooms, clean rooms, and a central energy plant.

The three-story Computational Science Building includes a central energy plant for the three main buildings (plus two other new buildings nearby). This building also houses a 40,000 ft2 computer center housing the world's fastest supercomputer. The Research Office Building is also three stories tall. The two-story Engineering Technology Facility includes high-bay areas. A gathering place known as "Main Street" connects the three buildings.

Environmental Aspects

The buildings were designed to blend with the surrounding community through size, shape, architecture, exterior finish, and landscaping, and the landscaping and roofs were designed to reduce the buildings' contribution to the urban heat-island effect. Once the drought-tolerant landscaping is mature, it will require no irrigation.

Employees are encouraged to carpool or bike to work. Bicycle storage areas and shower facilities are included within the facility, and a number of parking spots are reserved for carpool vehicles.

Materials were selected for their recycled content, low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), insulation value, and durability, in addition to the more traditional considerations of cost and aesthetic value. Carbon dioxide monitors and MERV 13 air filters ensure good indoor air quality.

The building envelope is well insulated and airtight. Efficient lights, occupancy sensors, Energy Star office equipment, and variable-frequency fan drives, among other strategies, keep energy use low. The facility is expected to use 23% less energy than a comparable, minimally code-compliant laboratory facility.

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