P920 Bachelors Quarters, Camp Lemonnier, Republic of Djibouti, Africa

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This project is a Design-Build 6,673 square meters (71,482 square feet) three story building for use as a permanent-party military Bachelor Quarters (BQ). The building contains 125 double occupancy 2+0 Navy Units. The BQ has been constructed at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa. The building and site design complement the surrounding architectural environment and comply with the most current Camp Lemonnier Master Plan and Installation Appearance Plan (IAP). The BQ meets the requirements listed in the latest UFCs 1-200-01 General Building Requirements, 4-721-10 Navy and Marine Corps Bachelor Housing, and UFC 4-721-10 including Chapter 4-3 NAVY 2+0 ROOM. Sustainable principles have been included in the design, development and construction of the project. The project achieved USGBC LEED v3 Silver Certification on 3 November 2015.

In addition to the 125 2+0 Navy Units the building includes an Entrance Vestibule, Entrance Lobby, Interior Corridors, Public Toilets, Laundry Room(s), Multi-Purpose Room(s), Housekeeping/Janitor Closet(s), Vending space, Recycling space, Enclosed Stairs (one of which is required to extend to the roof), and facility support spaces including Mechanical Rooms, Electrical Rooms as necessary and Telecommunications Rooms to provide a complete and functional BQ.

Each 2+0 Unit includes a double occupancy living/sleeping area with a shared bathroom, including a toilet and shower compartment; a separate vanity cabinet with countertop and lavatory; a service area including base and wall cabinets and countertop; and two lockable individual closets each with a medicine cabinet. The service area cabinetry shall include a lavatory and countertop. The gross area of each 2+0 unit is 380 square feet (35.3 square meters).

Mechanical systems include plumbing, fire protection, and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Electrical systems include information systems, cable TV, wiring for telephone and local area network (LAN) data, a building alarm system for fire and mass notification, lighting and power. Telecommunication requirements have been coordinated with contracting officer at Camp Lemonnier.

Site improvements include storm water drainage, grading, demolition of existing infrastructure, walkways and sidewalks, controlled vehicular access, utility corridors, fire protection access, bicycle racks, site lighting, site furniture, trash and recycling dumpsters and enclosures, planting/ vegetation and drip irrigation, and an outdoor patio.

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