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The Pearl Brewery Redevelopment Master Plan and the adaptive reuse of the Full Goods Warehouse are serving as a model and catalyst for green urban revitalization in a long neglected portion of San Antonio’s inner city. After 15 years lying derelict, the creative reuse of this 26-acre brownfield site and its neglected structures are drawing in a rich mix of new residents, small businesses, retail, and non-profits while emphasizing community, conservation, and local economic development. This is a new community meeting ground where visionary private development and public space come together to create a vibrant urban destination.
The 67,000 square foot LEED Gold Full Goods warehouse is one of the jewels of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment. Full Goods is a modern retelling and reflection of the building’s industrial past as a brewery warehouse (filled bottles = full goods) and served as the model for attractive sustainable development becoming a catalyst for community revitalization.
The original one-story building was adapted to include two floors, maximizing density and providing live/work spaces for local businesses connected by a series of catwalks.
The goal of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment was to create a sustainable destination that maintained the identity of the historic brewery while radically repurposing key parts of the compound. The multiphase development began with the repurposing of existing buildings. The completion of the first three phases, especially the adaptive reuse of Full Goods Warehouse, has ignited the planning and development of adjacent areas with the intentional focus on incubating local business.

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