Rinker Hall at the University of Florida

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Rinker Hall is a leadership facility within the University of Florida's College of Design and Construction, which includes 1,500 students and 100 faculty members. Rinker Hall serves the students of the School of Building Construction, the nation's oldest and most recognized program of this type. Accommodating 450 students, the building includes a mix of classrooms, teaching labs, construction labs, faculty and administrative offices, and student facilities.

Environmental Aspects

Rinker Hall incorporates a range of green building features and, in 2004, achieved a LEED(r) Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Rinker Hall is oriented on a pure north-south axis, demonstrating the ability to utilize low-angle light for daylighting. Egress paths from all classrooms at all levels are daylit, allowing for emergency exit during a daytime power failure.

Materials were reviewed for proximity in manufacturing, recycled content, renewable-resource content, sustainable harvesting, longevity, low maintenance requirements, low toxicity, and ability to be recycled or reused at the end of a useful life.

Large-scale, open, linear accessibility was "mapped" through all major classroom spaces in such a manner as to provide nondisruptive servicing and maximum flexibility for future retrofit. The building was also designed through material selection, assembly, and detailing to facilitate disassembly.

Two major programmatic areas, the assembly room on the north and the construction shop on the east, were fully or partially incorporated in the design as indoor/outdoor spaces. They take advantage of measurable thermal shading and sheltering attributes at the "edge condition" of the building.

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