Steinhude Sea Recreation Facility

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This small recreation facility building is located on an island at the south shore of the Steinhude Sea. The island ecosystem consists of a beach area, green fields, a nature walk, a children's play area, and a bird sanctuary. The facility accommodates, with minimal ecological impact, a cafe, lifeguard facilities, a boathouse, storage space, public toilets and showers, and an exhibition area and observation deck. This project aesthetically synthesizes the island's recreation and vacation culture.

Environmental Aspects

Energy self-sufficiency has been accomplished by photovoltaic panels, solar hot water collectors, a seed-oil fueled cogeneration microturbine, daylighting, natural ventilation, passive solar design, building automation, and high-performance materials. These systems provide complete lighting and power needs for the building, recharge a fleet of eight photovoltaic-powered boats, and also produce excess electricity to sell back to the utility grid.

Other sustainability practices incorporated into the design include graywater and harvested water systems, green materials, and waste reduction.

The integration of solar and renewable ideas has led to a building that is a joy to its users.

Project Team