SunChips Business Incubator

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The City of Greensburg and the USDA's Rural Development team joined forces with MVP Architects, BNIM, and engineering firm PEC to create a new business incubator building to provide affordable office space for small, start-up businesses in the town. Five street-level retail shops and nine second-level professional service offices make up the building; a storm shelter is also included.

Environmental Aspects

The building achieved LEED Platinum certification with greater than 50% energy savings and innovative water-reuse systems.

Strategic window placement, light shelves, and skylights allow most of the incubator to be daylit. A ground-source heat pump uses the moderated temperatures of the ground to provide heat and cooling, and serves an efficient mechanical system, and R-22 walls ensure the building's performance. Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels provide 10% of the building's energy needs.

Water from the building's sinks and showers is collected and reused to flush toilets. Rainwater is collected and used to supplement the graywater system. Rain gardens and other best-management practices for stormwater collection will allow water to naturally re-enter the underground reservoirs in the earth.

Building materials were chosen for storm resistance, durability, and low maintenance. Walls were designed for wind resistance, and a rainscreen system with cement fiberboard panels provides moisture protection.

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