U.S. EPA National Computer Center

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This project is a data processing and environmental modeling facility for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental Aspects

The National Computer Center demonstrates that a green building can compete financially with a conventional building. Completed within conventional budget constraints, the Computer Center achieved a LEED-NC Silver rating in early 2005.

To offset some of the environmental impact of the building's massive quantity of data-processing equipment, a significant portion of the roof is covered with a photovoltaic array. Besides generating electricity, this "solar roof" also assists in mitigating unwanted radiant heat gain. The remaining roof area is covered by a reflective, white, Energy Star compliant membrane.

A large amount of south-facing, vertical glass allows daylight into office spaces and provides passive solar gain for winter heating. A central atrium provides direct daylighting in the lobby and indirect daylighting in offices directly facing the lobby.
Indoor air quality is monitored by carbon dioxide sensors, and ventilation is adjusted as needed. Printing and copying rooms have dedicated ventilation.

The preservation of natural site features was an important priority in determining the building site. In addition, ten acres were designated permanent open space.

Approximately 82%, by weight, of all construction waste was sorted and recycled.

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