Whitman-Hanson Regional High School

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Whitman-Hanson has many "smart building" features, such as HVAC systems that detect the number of occupants and adjust HVAC settings. This project incorporates more sensors and controls than the average school building, and requires less human intervention. Other "smart building" technologies include interactive electronic white boards for the classrooms and video broadcasting.

The building was constructed to alleviate overcrowding at the old facility. The new building has been designed to use 39% less energy than a baseline building, equating to estimated savings of up to $100,000 per year in operation costs.

Environmental Aspects

The school has a 48 kW PV system installed at a tilt to maximize energy generation; daylighting controls; a cool roof; high-performance and recycled-content materials; a super-insulated building envelope; a hybrid chilled water cooling system; and a rainwater collection system that will save the school $100,000 per year. Water savings are expected to be 50% over a baseline building.

The building also features a kitchen hood control that monitors smoke (or vapor) and temperature. Variable-speed drives control supply and exhaust fans and slow them down when cooking is not taking place to reduce energy consumption.

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