Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Northeast Regional Headquarters and Service Center

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This project consolidated the main Northeast Regional Headquarters and three leased offices onto a single site, allowing public access to all DNR staff and programs at one location and allowing cooperating programs to be managed from a single facility. The new office, designed for environmental responsibility and service, provides a healthy, efficient space for employees and visitors.

Environmental Aspects

Integrated design improved the project's environmental performance. The site features native landscaping and requires no irrigation. The landscape attracts wildlife and acts as a filtration system for the limited amount of impermeable surface. Inside the building, low-flow fixtures and waterless urinals conserve water.

The project team favored materials with post-consumer recycled content and local suppliers. Thanks to recycling, the project team reduced construction waste by 87%, by weight. The building was constructed using products with minimal chemical emissions; additionally, the building was ventilated for two weeks before occupancy, and all filtration media was replaced following this ventilation period. The building's carbon dioxide levels are monitored to ensure adequate ventilation. The interior spaces are also provided with ample daylight, increasing indoor environmental quality and reducing energy use.

Project Team